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Bio-Nano Lab Tools

The contact for all Bio-Nano lab tools is Jim Marti, 1-612-626-0732,

Confocal/fluorescence Microscope

A high performance inverted microscope for life science use; allows both confocal and wide-field imaging at multiple wavelengths.

Inverted Microscope

An inverted microscope ideal for examining cell cultures and other biological material; has bright field and dark field illumination, polarization, a digital camera, and image processing software.

Cell Culture Incubators

Two incubators for cell culturing at temperatures above ambient with controlled CO2 content. One custom chilled incubator for culturing at low temperatures (down to 4C) with full CO2 and O2 control.

Biosafety Hoods

Three level 2 biosafety hoods, one with external exhaust for working with hazardous solvents.